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  • Perfect Portions Digital Scale

    Step into the next generation of food scales, whether you're looking for portion control or knowing exactly what you're eating. These smart scales display nutritional facts information, daily calories, carbs and fats totals and more.

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  • Time As Text

    Leave the conventional clock behind and check out the text clock, which shows a matrix of words that are selectively lit up to display the correct time in five minute intervals. Stylish design fits your home or office decor, even if your office is aboard the U.S.S Enterprise.

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  • Endoscope for Smartphones

    Turn your Android smartphone or a laptop into a tiny portable endoscope. Features a 16-foot cable and an adjustable 6 LED light camera to get in the nooks and crannies that are otherwise inaccessible.

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  • Folding Electric Bike

    Commute in style with an eByke. An urban commuter electric bike that averages a 22-25 mile range at 15 miles an hour. Takes only 3-5 hours to fully charge and off you go. Conveniently folds for an easy lift and storage.

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  • Smart Home Console

    Automate and protect your home with this all-in-one home automation console. Deter invaders with 100 decibel siren and flashing lights with instant video alerts to your phone. Features light automation control and digital dimming modes.

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