Tech for Her

  • 1080p Snow Goggles

    How about a third eye to capture your epic slope shredding sessions? No body modifications required. These snow goggles record videos in 1080p, feature a vibration alert to let you know when it's recording and an embedded Li-polymer battery for up to 2-hours of recording time.

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  • Portable Editing System

    Untether yourself from your computer, create while being mobile. Gnarbox allows you to edit your high res media, including 4K videos and RAW photos directly on your smartphone. Features Intel Quad Core CPU, HD Graphic GPU and 128GB internal flash drive.

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  • Typewriter Wireless Keyboard

    QwerkyWriter is an offspring of a time machine and a typewriter. A wireless mechanical keyboard inspired by a vintage typewriter that's fully compatible with today's technology, comes with a built-in tablet stand.

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  • AquaSprouts Garden

    A wanna-be green thumb with an aspiration for fish keeping? AquaSprouts self-sustaining aquaponic system will grow your vegetation and keep the fish alive with little to no intervention from you.

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  • MiniPresso Espresso Maker

    Mornings are tough and your favorite coffee shop isn't reachable from your cubicle. MiniPresso espresso maker will alleviate the struggle and fix your caffeine withdrawal anywhere; morning, noon or night.

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  • Pixel LED Art Frame

    Enjoy the 21st century home decor for a 20th century video game art connoisseur. Pixel LED art frame includes over 180 unique works of pixel art from 12 leading pixel artists from around the world and works with Android and Raspberry Pi.

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  • Boosted Electric Skateboard

    Cut through traffic on your daily commute or enjoy a ride on a sunny day. Boosted Dual+ features 2,000 watts of power and a dual drive system. Getting you to your destination faster and safer.

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  • Smart Suitcase

    A suitcase that can do it all except maybe cook you breakfast. Bluesmart suitcase includes a USB device charger, 3G and GPS tracking, built-in scale and a remote digital lock; all using an app. Compact size for carry-on and TSA approved.

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  • Fresh Herb Saver

    Don't want your fresh herbs start wilting they day after you pluck them or buy them at the store? Herb Saver will preserve your fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks. Simply add your fresh herbs into the pod, use the tethered filler cap to add some water and stick it in the fridge.

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  • Bluetooth Smart Badge

    Forget your grandfather's old conventional sticky name tags, this scrollable LED, Bluetooth enabled tag can be programmed via your phone without a computer. A rechargeable battery will last up to 12 hours.

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  • Cork Leather Foldable Keyboard

    Tree-hugger or not, this eco-friendly cork leather foldable Bluetooth keyboard is great for nature lovers who aren't completely disconnected from the 21st century tech. Compatible with all your Android and iDevices. Plus for every keyboard sold a company plants a tree in an endangered forest.

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  • Maze Game Phone Case

    Stranded in a late day meeting with a dead phone and no charger on hand? This fully functional maze game phone case will make it just a bit more bearable. Solid and lightweight, the case is made of flexible thermodynamic plastic to keep your phone safe from dings and drops.

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  • World Travel Adapter

    If you're a world traveler or an international man of mystery this adapter will power your electronics in more than 150 countries. Power 3 devices simultaneously. Features Smart Power Technology that recognizes each device's unique charging protocol enabling optimal charging speeds.

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  • GPS Luggage Tracker

    Don't lose your favorite Hawaiian shirt or a number of other questionable items in your luggage. Trackdot is equipped with a GPS based technology that's trackable through your smartphone anywhere in the world.

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  • Astronaut USB Light

    It is one small step for man, one illuminating leap for techkind. This astronaut shaped, USB powered, LED light will light up your launch sequence panel or a keyboard. Features a flexible goose-neck wire allowing you to set the light in any position for maximum illumination.

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  • Giant Jenga Blocks

    Combine alcohol and 57 big blocks of wood for a night of giant Jenga party. Tower starts at approximately 3 feet high and stacks to over five feet high during game play. Bonus block has a working bottle opener. Includes a heavy duty nylon bag.

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  • VR Exercise Bike

    Play the latest VR games while burning off those cheeseburgers and getting in shape in RL. VirZOOM VR Bike is compatible with Samsung Gear VR, Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Headsets. Bike has an integrated direction and speed sensors.

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  • Collapsible Water Bottle

    Have a personal water bottle handy wherever you go, without taking up space. Nomader collapses when not in use for easy storage. Will never shatter and is leak and dent proof. Made using certified BPA-free 100% food-grade material, contains no harmful toxins and has no aftertaste or odor.

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  • Mountie Instant Second Screen

    Whether you're looking to increase productivity, trying to maximize your multitasking superpowers or simply need to FaceTime with friends, while watching cat videos, Mountie will turn your phone or tablet into a second display for your laptop.

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  • Inflatable Paddle Board

    Tired of lugging that old clunky kayak or paddleboard around? Storage space is at a premium? This inflatable model is portable, fits in a backpack and can function as both a kayak and a paddleboard. Constructed with a premium military-grade 6-inch thick outer skin to prevent dings and scratches. Supports riders up to 264lbs.

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  • Camalapse Time Lapse

    If you know how to operate an egg timer you too can create beautiful time lapse videos or panoramic shots. Camalapse spins up to 360 degrees over an hour of time. Compatible with dslr, point and shoot cameras and smartphones of all sizes.

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  • Bamboo Wireless Keyboard

    Craftsmanship so fine even old Geppetto will be impressed. This wireless keyboard is constructed from hand carved sustainable bamboo that only gets better with age, has a water and stain resistant gloss coating. Features high quality ergonomic design.

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  • goTenna Off-Grid Network

    Imagine the horror of no cell coverage or Wifi, no need to resort to paper cups and a string. Create your own network with goTenna. GoTenna creates its own off-grid network with other goTenna users in your area, allowing you to send private 1 on 1 and group chats or broadcast to all goTenna users. Includes 2 goTennas.

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