Tech for Him

  • Credit Card Light Bulb

    Credit card sized LED light bulb that won't break your credit score, but it will give you plenty of illumination and will fit in your wallet or pocket. Just flip the "light bulb" up and you will have and instant light.

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  • Mini Multi-Tool

    Not another No. 2 pencil, but a multi-tool for your covert ops, whether you're fixing your spy camera or adjusting a screw on your glasses. Includes a phillips and flathead screwdriver, bubble level, ruler, pen and stylus for your phone or tablet.

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  • Lightning Cable Keychain

    It won't open any doors or pop off that beer cap, unless you're creative, but it will charge your iDevice. This lightning cable key chain extremely portable and stylish. Both cable ends conveniently tuck away, forming 2 loops that can be hooked to your belt, keys, bag, etc..

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  • 3D Pancake Printer

    The rise of the machines might be coming, but this bot won't kill Sarah Connor, feed it some pancake batter and it will reward you with a delicious piece of art. Includes BPA-free batter dispenser and software to trace any image on your computer.

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  • Waterproof Rollup Keyboard

    No, it's not a fruit roll-up, unless you like the taste of silicone. This waterproof USB powered keyboard rolls-up for an easy storage and portability. Made using high intensity and elasticity silicone gel, non-toxic and odorless.

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  • Solid Wood Alarm Clock

    Sprucing up your home or office decor? How about this USB powered chunk of 2x4 that also displays time, date, temperature and can wake you up in the morning. The clock features multiple display modes and a power saving sound control mode.

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  • Human Face Stress Balls

    Smoosh them, squeeze them, squash them, use them in any way possible to avoid the daily spikes of inter-office aggression. Relieve your stress with these life-like, human face modeled stress-relieving balls. Set includes 4 stress balls.

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  • Darth Vader Powerbank

    Even if he isn't your father, Sith Lord has the force to charge your device's dying battery on your heroic journey to Tatooine or the not so heroic commute to the office. This Darth Vader powerbank includes a 5200mAh li-on battery and a USB charging cable with an Apple Lightning adapter.

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  • Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

    Levitating orb? Bluetooth speaker? Magic? Yes, all those thing and more. Mesmerize your friends with this floating bluetooth speaker. Features built-in NFC function and a sound guide cone that increases the 3D surround effect.

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  • Bamboo Wireless Mouse

    Zen master extraordinaire or an admirer of super fine woodworking creations, you'll appreciate this bamboo constructed wireless mouse. Streamlined and environmentally safe, it's anti-static, sweat absorbent and antibacterial.

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  • Digital Tape Measure

    Yes, even your old tape measure is looking to be smart and escape the dark ages. eTape has a digital display that gives you precise measurements and 3 memory functions to hold your measurements for you. Just don't expect it to make phone calls or take pictures

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  • Dual USB Solar Charger

    Don't go into panic mode while stranded and away from a wall outlet without a way to charge your dying electronics. Anker's USB solar charger delivers the fastest charging speeds for up to two devices simultaneously.

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  • Sunrise Alarm Clock

    Whether you're trapped in a dungeon, live in a cave or your bedroom gets absolutely no sunlight in the morning, this alarm clock will simulate the sunrise, gradually increasing the light 30 minutes before your alarm goes off. Including 6 natural alarm sounds and FM radio.

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  • USB Cufflinks

    If you're forced out of your every day server room pajama-wear and into a monkey suit, show your inner techie, no-matter what the wardrobe calls for. These silver toned USB shaped cufflinks add a stylish touch to a wanna-be fashionable tech in your life.

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  • 3-in-1 Tactical Flashlight

    Hunting, fishing, camping or killing zombies, whatever you do in your spare time this 3-in-1 tactical torch flashlight will make your job a lot easier. Equipped with a powerful Cree 500 lumen LED, a concealable knife and a glass hammer.

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  • Keyboard Waffle Iron

    Ctrl+Alt+Del your way out of a conventional breakfast that every other non-power user is having and Enter this die-cast, non-stick waffle iron in a shape of a keyboard. Copy/paste more for your friends and family. Restart, repeat.

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  • FlashForge 3D Printer

    Don't limit your creativity to a flat print paper inventions, introduce them to the 3rd dimension. FlashForge is a new generation of home, user-friendly 3D printers that is loaded with easy to use features. Fits anywhere in your home and is easy on your wallet.

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  • Genius Paperclip Holder

    Recreate a genius gravity defying hairstyles or just store your paperclips, no need to be a world renowned theoretical physicist or know exactly what the theory of relativity is to have some fun. This Genius paperclip holder is the perfect addition to your office desk.

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  • Luxury Business Gift Set

    Whether you're Goldmember's #1 fan or always wanted to have a literal Midas touch, turn your old into gold with this luxury business gift set. Includes a 1000mAh powerbank, wireless mouse, USB phone/PC flash drive and a stylish pen with stylus, all in gold.

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  • Digital Meat Thermometer

    Weekend warriors, super dads and meat eaters unite, BBQ season is here, don't let it turn into a season of under-cooked or overcooked disappointments. Tech Fork will let you know when your hunk of delicious meat is perfect and ready to devour.

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  • Pac-Man Connect & Play

    Not only a pretty piece of 8-bit retro goodness to proudly display on your shelf, but also a classic video game system. This arcade joystick/game case in one includes 12 classic games, just pop in the batteries, connect to your TV and let the nostalgia take you back.

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  • Smart Home Intercom

    Leave the computer for Googling and your phone for texting, use this dedicated home intercom instead to get in touch with friends or family whether they're in another room, across the country or on the other side of the world. Make audio and video calls simply by asking Alexa.

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  • Electric Paper Airplane

    Upgrade and motorize your paper plane with PowerUp 2.0 conversion kit. Retrofits your conventional homemade paper plane, you're in charge of the design. Charge the motor for just 20 seconds and let it fly. Virtually unbreakable mechanism, has a carbon fiber propeller shaft.

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  • Moving Gears Clock

    Get the gears rolling with this stylish table alarm clock, batteries are all that's needed to run, no oil or grease required. Features a mechanical bell alarm and gears that move independently from time movement.  Awesome gift for dads and your friendly garage mechanics.

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