Tech for Him

  • Electronic Lighter Watch

    Secret agent man trying to infiltrate enemy lines and impress Pussy Galore with your suave sense of fashion or simply haven't kicked the old habit quiet yet, this electronic lighter watch set in one is sure to turn some heads. The lighter is conveniently hidden behind the watch face, just slide the watch face down to reveal it. Use any USB source to charge. The electronic lighter/watch fully charges is 2 hours.

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  • Electronic Windproof Lighter

    Rain or sunshine, wind or snow, this electronic lighter will start a fire if you're outdoorsing it or light up a cigarette if you aren't vaping. Shake the lighter to switch it on. Uses a USB wire for recharging. Fully charges in 1.5 hours, lasts up to a week or 50 uses.

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  • Portable Travel Iron

    Don't let the jet-leg be an excuse for your clothes being wrinkled and you looking like you woke up under a bridge. Collar Perfect compact touch-up and travel iron will turn you into an exceedingly respectable member of society or at least your clothes will be presentable.

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  • Smart Notebook

    What do you get when you take a notebook, a tablet and Etch A Sketch and stick them in a blender? You get Rocketbook Wave, a smart notebook that uploads your notes into the cloud using your smartphone. And when you run out of space to write, erase the notes by nuking the notebook in the microwave.

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  • K-Cup Coffee Press

    Even if you live in a cardboard box and don't have to worry about the electric bill you can still have a quality cup of joe in the morning. K-Press from Tru will let you brew coffee using single-serve k-cups, no Keurig machine or electricity needed. Makes 6, 8 or 10 ounce servings.

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  • Smart Car Charger

    Stop fumbling in the dark trying to charge your electronics while driving, save that rage for the road. ZUS smart car charger features 2 lit USB ports and a smartphone enabled app that lets you find your parked car, including a Parking Meter Alert to avoid those expensive parking tickets.

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  • Ruggie Alarm Clock

    Lets face it, you snooze until your alarm simply gives up on you in the mornings. Ruggie is a rug alarm clock that will make sure you're up and ready for your daily grind on time, because the only way to turn it off is get out of bed and step on it.

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  • DSLR Waterproof Case

    DiCAPac WP-S10 Pro DSLR Camera Series Waterproof Case

    Why play it safe and use a GoPro when your can live on the edge and capture incredible moments with a quality of DSLR. DiCAPac is a waterproof, underwater housing for your digital camera. Safe to be submerged up to 16-feet under water, floats when dropped, fits most lenses and features UV multi-coated high transparency lens filters.

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  • Navigation Insoles

    Let your feet guide you, literally. Lechal's navigation and fitness tracker insoles and buckles are made to retrofit your shoes to silently guide you to your destination. Vibration alerts you to the direction you should be taking. Battery lasts up to 15 days on a single charge and the system syncs with Apple Health and Google Fit apps.

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  • Brush Hero Wheel Brush

    Harness the power of H2O and get those grimy wheels of yours a good cleaning for once. Brush-Hero is powered by your water hose, no electricity or batteries needed. Turbine mechanism is made of durable plastic, that's chemical friendly and won't rust over time.

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  • Polaroid Snap Touch

    It's Polaroid for a digital generation, minus the clunky camera that you need a separate backpack for. Polaroid Snap Touch combines instant photo printing with an updated digital touch screen camera that can also sync with your smartphone to apply filters, borders, emojis, etc...

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  • Mini Pocket Phone

    Smartphone it is not, but it will get you out of a sticky situation. Carry it in your wallet as a second phone for emergencies or give it to your kids to phone home. GSM unlocked for world use, uses a Micro SIM card and a USB cable for charging.

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  • Stower Candle Charger

    Whether you're a camper, living off-grid or simply refuse to pay your electric bill, the Stower Candle Charger will not only provide you with light or boil your water, but it will also charge your phone. Contains a 6-hour fuel canister, able to fully charge your smartphone twice.

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  • Portable Draft Beer System

    Take a fresh draft with you no matter where you go. Skip the logistics of tracking down a pub. Fizzics is a portable draft system that fits most cans and bottles of beer, even 64-oz growlers. Works on AA batteries, no CO2 or Nitro canisters necessary.

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  • Electric Folding Scooter

    Transform and roll out. An electric scooter that's portable to fit anywhere, durable to withstand the daily abuse and fast enough to go 15 MPH for 20 miles on a single charge. Built in America using carbon fiber and aircraft-graded aluminum.

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  • Acton Electric Skateboard

    Cruise the campus without sending your bank account into a downward spiral. Acton Blink Lite is the world's lightest electric skateboard, providing you with speeds up to 10 MPH and a distance of 5 miles on a single charge. Includes a Bluetooth remote control.

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  • Magnetic Hourglass

    One minute is all it will take to blow your friends' minds with this stalagmite magnetic hourglass. Contains a hidden magnet in its wooden base, watch the ferrous sand form beautiful crystal-like shapes with the passing of every second.

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  • 1080p Snow Goggles

    How about a third eye to capture your epic slope shredding sessions? No body modifications required. These snow goggles record videos in 1080p, feature a vibration alert to let you know when it's recording and an embedded Li-polymer battery for up to 2-hours of recording time.

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  • Portable Editing System

    Untether yourself from your computer, create while being mobile. Gnarbox allows you to edit your high res media, including 4K videos and RAW photos directly on your smartphone. Features Intel Quad Core CPU, HD Graphic GPU and 128GB internal flash drive.

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  • Portable Solar Generator

    Unless roughing it is your thing, your next camping trip can be a little more luxurious with KaliPAK. Rain or sunshine, charge your phones, cameras, even laptops. Features a high capacity, long-life, lithium-ion cells.

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  • Typewriter Wireless Keyboard

    QwerkyWriter is an offspring of a time machine and a typewriter. A wireless mechanical keyboard inspired by a vintage typewriter that's fully compatible with today's technology, comes with a built-in tablet stand.

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  • AquaSprouts Garden

    A wanna-be green thumb with an aspiration for fish keeping? AquaSprouts self-sustaining aquaponic system will grow your vegetation and keep the fish alive with little to no intervention from you.

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  • MiniPresso Espresso Maker

    Mornings are tough and your favorite coffee shop isn't reachable from your cubicle. MiniPresso espresso maker will alleviate the struggle and fix your caffeine withdrawal anywhere; morning, noon or night.

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  • All-Terrain Electric Vehicle

    Turn on your stealth mode, leave the paved roads behind and speed through inaccessible terrain with QuietKat's all-terrain electric vehicle, capable of going up to 40 miles on a single charge.

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