Tech for Kids

  • Boosted Electric Skateboard

    Cut through traffic on your daily commute or enjoy a ride on a sunny day. Boosted Dual+ features 2,000 watts of power and a dual drive system. Getting you to your destination faster and safer.

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  • Color The Galaxy

    Coloring books are so 2D, give your little space cadets a galaxy to color and play with. Inflatable galaxy ball kit comes with permanent markers to ensure the design stays bold and bright over time.

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  • Powered Paper Boat Kit

    Take your U.S.S PaperBoat on its maiden voyage to the farthest ends of the bathtub. Power your homemade paper boat with a PowerUP conversion kit, no fuel required. Simply add the wind-up motor to your boat and you're ready to launch.

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  • Vortex Arduino Toy Robot

    Build your own army of bots or teach your kids robotics through play. The Vortex robot pairs with a phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Play pre-programmed games including Bumping Fight, Driving, Robot Soccer and Virtual Golf or create your own.

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  • VR Exercise Bike

    Play the latest VR games while burning off those cheeseburgers and getting in shape in RL. VirZOOM VR Bike is compatible with Samsung Gear VR, Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Headsets. Bike has an integrated direction and speed sensors.

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  • Da Vinci’s Catapult Kit

    Be your own Medieval genius and construct the famed Leonardo da Vinci's catapult to protect your office empire from prying co-workers or spend some quality time with your kids, having fun while also teaching them model construction.

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  • Radio Controlled Wall-E

    It's not 2805, but you can have a Waste Allocation Load Lifter of your own today. This Wall-E is radio controlled and programmable for hours of fun. It is 9-inches tall, it talks and plays music. Has a moving head and eyes that light up. Control him via included remote control or program him with multiple actions and press Go.

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  • Smart Piggy Bank

    This little piggy went to business school and now wants to keep track of your finances. Teach your kids about money and responsibility. Syncs to a smartphone to check your balance and set goals. Alerts are triggered by a built-in accelerometer to protect your savings from unwanted intrusions.

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  • FlashForge 3D Printer

    Don't limit your creativity to a flat print paper inventions, introduce them to the 3rd dimension. FlashForge is a new generation of home, user-friendly 3D printers that is loaded with easy to use features. Fits anywhere in your home and is easy on your wallet.

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  • Pac-Man Connect & Play

    Not only a pretty piece of 8-bit retro goodness to proudly display on your shelf, but also a classic video game system. This arcade joystick/game case in one includes 12 classic games, just pop in the batteries, connect to your TV and let the nostalgia take you back.

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  • Electric Paper Airplane

    Upgrade and motorize your paper plane with PowerUp 2.0 conversion kit. Retrofits your conventional homemade paper plane, you're in charge of the design. Charge the motor for just 20 seconds and let it fly. Virtually unbreakable mechanism, has a carbon fiber propeller shaft.

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  • Intelligent Ear Thermometer

    Dr. Mom or your family's first response unit is always on a lookout for new tools of the trade. This bluetooth enabled Swaive thermometer allows you to seamlessly measure the temperature in seconds and track temperature trends hourly, daily or weekly.

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  • Folding Electric Bike

    Commute in style with an eByke. An urban commuter electric bike that averages a 22-25 mile range at 15 miles an hour. Takes only 3-5 hours to fully charge and off you go. Conveniently folds for an easy lift and storage.

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