• Bear Snuggle Pet Bed

    Roar Bear Snuggle Plush Polar Fleece Pet Bed

    You always wanted a cute pet bear, but had to settle for a more practical, slightly less deadly four legged option that fits your living space. Bear Snuggle Pet Bed is a safer alternative to your love of exotic pets and a comfortable, ultra soft bed for your pet. Made of high grade premium polar fleece and faux fur. The red 'tongue' pad is removable for easy cleaning. Features an anti-slip rubber bottom, so the bed doesn't slide all over the place.

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  • GPS Pet Tracker

    Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

    If your pet goes on frequent adventures without ever being considerate enough to leave you a quick note, strap a GPS unit on them and track their shenanigans at all times. Whistle 3 is an all in one GPS pet tracker that keeps an eye on your pet's location and daily activities. Sends email, text or app alerts whenever your pet leaves their 'safe place'. Features a waterproof battery lasting up to 7 days on a single charge with only a 2-hour charge time.

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  • Petzi Treat Cam

    Petzi Treat Cam Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

    Visuals acquired, payload is calculated, four legged companions on stand-by, commencing launch sequence in T-3 and counting. Petzi Treat Cam is a wifi-enabled camera and a treat dispenser for your pets. Watch, speak and reward your pet from anywhere in the world. Multiple connections are available through the Petzi app on your smartphone with an ability to share the fun moments on the Petzi social network.

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  • Dog Puzzle Feeder

    You feed them, you walk them, you take them to the park and they thank you by occupying half of your living space and destroying your shiny new furniture. Fight back humans! Have your dog work for its food. CleverPet, a dog puzzle feeder was designed by neuroscientists to stimulate your pet's mind by having them figure out puzzles while trying to get a piece of that treat. Automatically adjusts to any skill level and allows you to monitor the progress and set schedules via an app on your smartphone.

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  • iFetch Ball Launcher

    When your dog is super hyped to play and you'd rather spend your lazy afternoon on the couch, binging on your favorite show, iFetch will let your dog play fetch to their heart's content. Launches miniature tennis balls 10, 20 and 30 feet away. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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  • Pet Camera Laser Toy

    Don't let the long distance, even if only from 9 to 5, stand in the way of fun with your four legged friend. Watch, play and interact with them remotely. Camera connects to your phone and has a built-in laser toy you control via the smartphone.

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  • Smart Pet Feeder

    Keep your four legged friend happy and healthy while you're not around or spending your afternoon on the couch. SmartFeeder will automate the feeding times, portion sizes and nutrition through an app. It will reorder your pet food for you when you run low.

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